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Department of Applied Physics,
Faculty of Science and Technology,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,
43600 UKM Bangi

Tel: +6 03 89215961
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Faculty of Science & Technology
Centre for Postgraduate Studies
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia



Qualified candidates for the posts below are invited to apply by phone or email for an interview.
1. Post-doctoral research fellows
2. Research assistants and post-graduate students (MSc and PhD programmes)

Qualification requirements - Post-doctoral researcher:
PhD or equivalent in any of the following (but not restricted to) fields: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Genetics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computational Sciences, Information Science.

Qualification requirements - MSc Programme:
BSc (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Genetics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
or BSc (Computer Science, Computational Sciences, Information Science) from a university recognized by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with a minimum CGPA or equivalent of 3.2.

Research Assistants:
As for the MSc programme above.
RAs applying for the post of IT Technician require a minimum of a relevant Diploma in Information Technology.
Qualification requirements - PhD Programme:

MSc or BSc (1st class Hons) from a university recognized by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in a relevant field or as listed for the MSc programe above.

Non Malaysian applicants for whom English is not the native language are required to provide documentation of English proficiency (IELTS - Band 6.5 and above or equivalent) in addition to satisfying the requirements for entry into the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia graduate programme.

Last updated: September 2012